FYBF – The Closeted Crafty Mummy Edition

by mamagrace71 on April 18, 2014

“Ugh. Easter Hat Parades are dumb” was my reply when Mr Surfer forwarded the preschool email reminder.

FYBF The Closeted Crafty Mummy Edition

Mind you, I had yet to experience one.  My judgment was largely influenced by the numerous complaints I heard from other mothers and their pains in making what should be a simple hat.

I swore I wasn’t going to subject myself to such unnecessary stress.

“Leave it to me!” he said. “I’ve got all these fantastic ideas!” he promised.

Come Wednesday – the day before the parade – Mr Surfer’s creative juices weren’t pumping.  Not even a drizzle.

I had already vowed the spontaneous Christmas Advent Calendar would be the first and last thing I ever got my hands stuck with PVC glue.

Yet once again, I was dumped with the craft duties.

I have been known to be somewhat of a *ahem* perfectionist.  So, give me a creative project, like making animal balloons – and dude, I will stream all related YouTube tutorials until I run out of my monthly internet plan to makethatperfectgoddamngiraffewithcutelittlehorns.

Going completely against my plan to make an in and out trip to Hot Dollar, I found myself confused and dazzled among the endless rows of Easter paraphernalia.

Pipe cleaner bunnies and carrots, polystyrene, glittery eggs…my mind went into overdrive with visions of colourful, imaginative, cute easter hats paraded by the twinions.

Creative Challenge: Accepted.

Why? Why? WHY??

Shouldn’t a $2 hat covered with pretty stickers be simply enough?

Am I a closeted crafty mummy itching to come out?

Mr Surfer who knows me too well, eluded to that it may not be so much due to perfectionism but my competitive nature…

“You want your hats to win, don’t you?”

And to tell you the truth, it hadn’t even occurred to me. Cross my hot bun.

Instead, I’ll take Carolyn from Champagne Cartel’s straightforward logic:

“Motherly love and all that crap”

The things we do for love…

FYBF The Closeted Crafty Mummy 3

However, no one dare try to get me into that loom band craze. Otherwise I’m going to have to give you a Chinese burn…then go to Hot Dollar and watch a YouTube tutorial.

Do you dive into creative challenges? Or stick to the sweet and simple?

Are you a closet crafty mummy? Or out and proud?

Are you into the loom band craze? Or do I need to give you a Chinese burn?

Have an awesome, safe Easter, folks! x

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Voices of 2014: Finding Diamonds

by mamagrace71 on April 15, 2014

Well, that was an unexpectedly fun weekend!

I truly didn’t have any expectations for Kidspot’s Voices of 2014.  I was looking forward to catching up with some friends and just ya know, chillin’.

Voices 2014 2

While it was nice to be acknowledged and accolades can sweeten a deal, the reality is: blogging is bloody hard work.

As many of you are also bloggers, will attest to what I’m saying.

During Mrs Woogs’ and Baby Mac’s (Oversharing) on Social Media Masterclass  session, someone posed the question to:

“How many unique visitors do you think you need until a blogger can monetize?”

It may be different from a PR or agency’s perspective.  But from a blogger who’s going to protect their brand that is their blog, there is no black and white hardline answer.

And Mrs Woogs’ response nailed it:

“It’s not about numbers. It’s about engagement”

For many, that would seem like a relief.

Phew! I don’t have to worry that my chicken feed traffic, we assure ourselves.

But engagement is so, so much harder.  Loyal, heartfelt, get to the gist engaging readers are like finding diamonds in the rough.

Personal blogging just makes that extra tricky. Us “oversharers” are forever being questioned as to what we’re actually trying to achieve by being so “exploitative”.

I believe in real life they call it,  “Putting yourself on the line”

When there are so many risks of being judged or vilified, why?

Why do we do it?  Why do we bother?

Sometimes I even struggle to ask myself.

But I do know what does keep me going: it’s this deep concern for what’s going on around us; how this world and it’s issues will affect my kids in later years.

Yet, modern society doesn’t know what to do with bloggers.  It’s not entirely ready to take on so many powerful, personal voices with their own platforms; to talk so freely on social media.

Geez, sometimes my husband doesn’t even take me seriously.

What we talk of isn’t considered as “official news” but they fail to realize, our candid social commentary is just, if not more so, valid.

Besides the cracker hangover headache on Sunday morning (Looking straight at ya, Mrs Holsby and Talking Frankly), my biggest takeaway from Voices of 2014 is just to keep doing what I’m doing.

Voices 2014

Keep writing about what I know about, keep talking about what’s important to me and always keep my readers at the forefront.

And I encourage my blogging peers do the same.

The more we write, the more we share; the braver we become.

My diamonds keep me really going with this whole blogging gig.

Yup.  That’s you.

Thank you.

Oversharing (and proud) with Essentially Jess at IBOT

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