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The twinlets have followed the usual trend of toddler speech development with their liking of the word, “No”.  It’s used frequently, unbashfully and drives me around the proverbial twist.

How can one tiny word can be said with more conviction than their little 2 and a half year old minds can actually grasp?  It astounds me.

The past couple of weeks though, the tune has slightly changed to one that’s a little friendlier. These days, the favourite phrase of the fleeting toddler moment is: “Not yet.”

Where did they picked it up? I haven’t an iota of a clue. I can, however, say its context has suprisingly been spot on. (Yes, I possibly may be raising twin geniuses…) I just wish the situations were a little more…ideal.

Let me walk you through some classic examples.

When picking them up from daycare.
Me: Are you ready to go home?
K-Bear: Not yet.

Nunu has suddenly stopped in his tracks from playing. Instead, his efforts turn to pushing “something” out and he starts going a little red in the face.
Me: Nunu, are you doing a poo?
Nunu: (grunt, grunt) Not yet.

K-Bear – the yoghurt eating fiend – is demolishing his 3rd tub.
Me: K-Bear, have you finished?
Nunu: (slurp, slurp) Not yet.

While quietly playing with their Thomas train set, K-Bear suddenly starts screaming for Nunu’s train. Upon his brother’s vocal demands, Nunu immediately passes it over to him.
Me: Oh, Nunu…that was so nice of you to give your Percy train to K-Bear. Do you love your brother?
Nunu:  Not yet.

There wasn’t a nanosecond of hesitation.

At least he has a lifetime to learn how to figure that one out.

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  1. says

    I’m with ^Tracey^ – “Not yet” is so much better than a flat out “No”…..There’s room for possibility and movement :)

    There will be many more genius phrases coming in months to come!
    My twins went through an ‘Actually’ phase that lasted for about 6 months….Sometimes it meant “yes”, sometimes “No” and sometimes it meant “you are so wrong Mamma!”

  2. says

    What a giggle. I loved reading the ‘not yet’ scenarios, although I’m sure it’s even more adorable when you’re hearing it with their little voices. I wish we could have play dates. Can you come in live in QLD please!

    P.S love the toddler yoga photo. Clever boys!

  3. says

    Awww too cute! Can just imagine them having those conversations with you :) I get a good giggle nowadays when Lil Pumpkin answers “sure” or refers to herself as “Princess Papadum” heh. Her daddy is trying to get her to say “fo’ sure” all hip-hop style :p

  4. says

    Oh that is too funny. Miss Two has started to draw her yes out, think Carl Barron in the female form. Not really sure my typing does it justice but it is like a yeeeaahhhh. Much better than a demanding no :)

  5. says

    Bwahahaha! Your twinlets sound like they’ve been taking lessons from my younger boys!
    I wish you lots of luck staying a step ahead of two! ;) xxXOoo

  6. says

    Ha ha!
    I remember one of mine, when hearing ‘no’ would say ‘maybe?’ It was like she needed to hold on to the hope that no was not in fact no!

  7. says

    Cute, cute, cute! Love the little phrases they pick up an use (always in context, too). We’re currently going through a, “hmmmm, can’t me-member” phase.

  8. says

    Lol so cute. the things that they pick up and the things that we don’t know where they get it from. Miss 14mth old says “whats dat?” and points to everything.

  9. says

    Ah, something to look forward to! Mia’s latest sounds have been sounding suspiciously like “No”, although it’s more of a Na! And while she has no idea of the meaning of the sounds she is making (she would be a genius if she did at 9 months, lol!), its still funny when I ask her a question and she says “Na!”

  10. Lani says

    That is too cute!!! We’re having a few doozies at our place too.
    Yesterday Jonah gave Oscar his truck without a fuss and Oscar said “Thanks Jonah” to which Jonah replied without skipping a beat “you’re most welcome!” Absolutely no idea where that came from… Until this morning when watching Peppa Pig what should Daddy Pig say… At leastv TV is teaching good manners!!

  11. says

    Haha!!! My husband niece and me talking today:
    Me: Julls, have you finished eating?
    J.: No (but she’s actually still eating)
    Me: Do you want to play with the Ipad?
    J: No (grabs the Ipad)
    Kids are so funny!

  12. says

    Hahaha that was a little bit funny.

    we are having similar conversations around here.

    Maksi is real keen on letting me know what he want to eat. when I ask would you like some apple he say no bici cracks me up every time :)

  13. says

    Hahaha, that is so cute. My Miss Four never seems to stop talking but Miss nearly one is happy to still be discovering. The latest is Narna lol :)

  14. says

    So cute!! Not so cute when they’re teens though and you ask if they’ve done something (for the ten billionth time) and you get that response :(

  15. says

    Ah from the mouths of babes! I love this stage of development, I was only saying to my husband tonight that our 2 1/2 yr old’s vocab seems to be expanding rapidly. His favourite response? “Oh man!”
    Me: “It’s time to go…”
    H: “Oh man!”
    H: “Please me have a chocolate?”
    Me: “No, you can have a banana.”
    H: “Oh man!”

  16. says

    How sweet. It’s a beauty to have two of them, then you can see what’s “developmental” and what’s personality. I love watching the little leaps in cognition…like you have described. So precious!

  17. says

    What adorable little men! Are they also bombarding you with “I’m hungry” at ten minute intervals? I’ve read that a 4 year old can ask 400 questions per day. Its a shame that its “Can I have a biscuit?”, 400 times.

  18. says

    That’s very cute. My kids use “I’m just…” whenever I ask them to do something. As in, “I’m just finishing this picture and then I’ll tidy up”. It used to annoy me until I realised it’s exactly what I say to them when they interrupt me to ask for things! I love observing their language development – and the differences in the ways each child has learned to speak. Lovely post :)

  19. says

    My gosh, those two are too cute. Are they doing Yoga? It’s awesome. Yeah, our cousin’s kid was using the “not yet” line for a while – never did figure out where he picked it up from either. Perhaps it’s instinctual…

  20. says

    That’s a very polite way of saying no! I get ‘of course’ as a response to everything by Miss2 at the moment. ‘Can you please stop driving Mummy crazy today?’ ‘Of course!’ x

  21. says

    A hearty LOL from here – my Grace (who’s around the same age) is proficient in a variety of versions – No, Not Yet, I said NO Mummy, Nope, Nah – if it didn’t entertain me so much I’d be losing it big time!

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