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The 20’s were spent rockin’ the suburbs.  Penniless but with plenty of time to spare, partying was on a budget.  Smoking durrys and aimlessly driving around the city with mates was Friday night’s thrill.

Then the 30’s saw the polar opposite.  Single and career driven, both money and time were spilling over in abundance.  Unattached and uncommitted, life was an absolute riot.

Drinking till 3am on a school night was the norm.  Strutting into the office at 9am sharp, wearing the professional suit and flawless makeup became an art form.

Since entering the fabulous 40’s, party mode is entirely different and definitely trickier.

How does one manage to still go out for a fun Saturday night without losing composure as a responsible (cough) mother of twinlets?

Last Saturday afternoon saw the Digital Parents catch up; a gathering of on-line pals.  We read about each other’s quirks and perks, follow each other’s journeys.  Meeting in the real life becomes a natural transition and conversations have an effortless, natural flow. (And it’s not just the alcohol talking, yo!)

Digital Parents Drinks

It’s a connection non-bloggers don’t understand.

Being the token male of the evening, and just as hilarious as I imagined, Kevin easily claimed rock star status.

Kelly and Kylie  were just as bubbly as the voices in their blogs.  (Loved the purple stilettos, Kel!)

I’m bummed that I didn’t take a snap of Tamsin‘s (literally) killer shoes. Spikes and all!

Having a chin wag with the gorgeous and eloquent, Veronica, I was reminded how our friendship is so much more mature for its year and a bit existence.

Digital Parents Drinks 3

Evening eventually rolled in.  Along with the empty wine glasses, the last left standing with me were Mumabulous, Kim and mah soul sistah, Brenda.

Digital Parents Drinks 2

Walking back to the train station, I did a Jess, tripped up on the footpath and sprained my ankle.  Now, there’s the party days I remember!

I can say in complete contentment, this blogosphere is my social circle for this next decade and beyond.

Real life friends won’t get it.   Spouses will shake heads at the copious amount of time dedicated to the computer screen and phone. Family members are left aghast.


Those who don’t get my blogging, don’t get me.

Big thanks to Catherine and Jodi for organising an awesome time!

Looks like I have big shoes to fill when it’s my turn to round y’all up in May!

Bring it.

Speaking of bloggy friendships transformed into real life, joining Essentially Jess for IBOT.

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  1. says

    I followed the fab pics on IG over the weekend. It looked like everyone had a great time. It’s one of the few times that I curse this country life: it’s so far to blogger catchups! Glad you had fun x

  2. says

    What a fantastic post darling and a great night. I’m so jealous I missed it. One of my few dislikes about living in rural Australia. I miss these great nights. So looking forward to meeting you all at Digital Parents Conference. Much love. MTA.

  3. says

    I often feel a bit sad seeing bloggy catch ups like these. My friendships will probably remain online as getting to these events is pretty unfeasible from where I am. Unless one is organised in Baron Bay one day!

  4. Martine@themodernparent says

    Looks like a great night was had by all. Can’t wait to catch up in March at DPCon13! And I would love to meet Veronica in real life! X

  5. says

    It was so lovely to meet everyone, even if I could only stay for such a short time. I must have seemed a bit star struck. It’s a very surreal feeling, meeting people that you already “know”. I remember you saying, “I’m Grace”, and the voice in my head is shouting “yeah, I know!” Have tickets to DPCON13 now. :) I want to make a joke about a door bitch, but I’m worried it will come out all wrong. So I’ll just say that I’ll see you there. :)

  6. says

    Oh it’s posts like these that make me wish I lived in NSW still! I have wanted to organise a Melbourne based meetup for aaaaaaages, but everytime I think about doing it, I run away screaming thinking about all the organisation involved. Looks like Catherine and Jodi did a bang-up job of organising. Absolutely champing at the bit to see/meet everyone at DPCon. Not long now! Kx

  7. says

    There’s never anything up here (maybe soon) – at least I generally get to catch up with my fave peeps from down south at brand events, while not as much fun as getting sloshed and chatting for hours they’re still awesome for chatting over coffee.

    • says

      Hey Aroha, I’m a Brissy chic but I’d happily travel to GC for a meet up! I’m only new too blogging but I’m already hooked and would love to meet some kindred spirits :)

  8. says

    So jealous that we don’t have this opportunity in Darwin! I would love to meet more people.
    But Rhianna and I do rock our little catchups and talk blogging the entire time! Nice to have someone who gets it.

  9. says

    I had the absolute best time and it was so good to finally meet so many people face-to-face, especially Brenda who I have been following for years and who was one of my best supporters back in the day. Can’t believe its taken me almost 4 bloody years to go to one! Now I am so keen and excited for DPCon, it’s gonna be awesome!

  10. says

    You know a lot of my friends don’t get the joy of blogging either – but it rocks.
    I wish I’d had the chance to visit you all – let me know when you plan your next one and I might call in a favour from my wee sis who works for an airline and I might come gatecrash the party, and try represent us Qld’ers – Em xxx

  11. says

    Great to see all your smiling faces together! It is a lovely thing if some of those online relationships can turn into ‘real world’ friendships too. Although your post is a reminder that the bloggy world is just as ‘real’ as any other world. You’re right – people either get it, or they don’t :)

  12. says

    I really enjoyed meeting you Grace – it was such a great night. Despite my nerves, it turns out there was nothing to fear. How could there be, with lovely people and wine at hand?? I hope that ankle has straightened up and is flying right for you now xx

  13. says

    Thanks, lovely, for the kind words. Would’ve loved to hang about. So sorry to hear about your ankle though. That’s a bummer.

    I was just commenting to someone how we’re always told how hard it is to make friends as we get older. Thanks to blogging, we are all primed for engagement and community online it’s such a natural step to take it to the next level in person, call it “online platonic dating” if you will! I’m glad to have made so many new contacts and friends through this gig. You will always have the trophy for being the 1st blogger I met….or actually 2nd, after Tat. You were fashionably late that day! ;-) xo

  14. says

    Can’t believe I got the times mixed up and missed it! Looks like you guys had an awesome time. Wish I could say I’ll see you all at DPCon but the finances are looking nasty and so I probably won’t be able to go.

    ‘Til the next drinks meet up!


  15. says

    Hey, whaddya know! I recognize your bloggy friends from the “Like” rounds I made on your FBLS. Looked like a dangerously good time. “Chin Wag” that’s a new term for me. Mind if I borrow it?


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