Facebook Lovin’ Sunday – 14/10

Good bye, sweet Melbourne and thank you Problogger.

Just as I was at the brink of a losing some bloggy mojo, this past weekend has spruced me back up!

Mind blown by all the take aways from the past couple of days, it is now time to put it to action. Bring it.

Along with the beauty of attending inspiring blogging conferences are of course, the friendships.

Nothing like a bit of smooching in a photo booth. Yes, I’m talking to you, Lori, Melbourne Mum and Martine!

Don’t forget the important stuff:

1.  Copy and paste your Facebook Fan Page URL and link it up below

2. If you can, please “Like” a fellow blogger’s page through your personal account. (For some bizzaro reason, the number of Likes on a fan page is only tallied from personal accounts).

3.  For the love of bloggy karma, don’t link and dash! Reciprocate the FB Like love, ‘k?

* Not a deal breaker but how about giving a shout out to a new page you found ?  Doesn’t cost much. Give tenfold, get hundred back, I say.

P.S To try and get as many bloggers joining in, please share or retweet this post! The more pages there are here to “Like”, the more love there is to share!


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  1. says

    You’re so gorgeous, Grace! I’m only sorry I didn’t come out to say hello and get a big hug from you while you were in my home town. Next time fo sho!

  2. Veronica @ Mixed Gems says

    Had no idea the blogging flame was flagging. Looking forward to your insights in days to come. xx

  3. says

    Thanks for hosting this Grace. I only just got on board now though, so probably a bit late. I did go and like everyone of the other pages though. :)

    I actually really struggle with FB, I see pages with 100’s or 1000’s of likes and just wonder how? I must be incredibly boring!

  4. says

    How wonderful to get all that inspiration first hand. Remember some of us need to live vicariously through you :P Fairy wishes and butterfly kisses and thanks for being the hostess with the mostess

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