Facebook Lovin’ Sunday – 05/08

It’s taken on a new name and a slightly different logo but the Facebook Page Like lovin’ continues!

You guys oozed in love and support for each other last time, how could I not do it again?

Every fortnight, I’ll be opening up this link and keep it open for a week.

Here’s the important stuff:

1.  Copy and paste your FB Fan Page URL and link it up below

2. If you can, please “Like” a fellow blogger’s page through your personal account. (For some bizzaro reason, the number of Likes on a fan page is only tallied from personal accounts).

3.  For the love of bloggy karma, don’t link and dash! Reciprocate the FB Like love, ‘k?

* Not a deal breaker but how about giving a shout out to a new page you found ?  Doesn’t cost much. Give tenfold, get hundred back, I say.


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  1. says

    Grace you are awesome but you know that hey heehee….
    I’ve done both, liked with page and personal. When I comment on other peoples posts I like to use my page name not my personal one.



  2. says

    Thanks for hosting Grace.

    Had to giggle though when people who had liked me before were I trouncing themselves as new likers again. Obviously that’s where some of my likers went!

  3. says


    I am joining up again too and just wanted to explain that I always like from my business page. I know this doesn’t help with the number that is seen as the like on your page, however I have my personal page locked down pretty tight and never share blog stuff on that page.

    I do share lots of blog posts on my blog business page though and that is where I have the most followers. So while liking you from my personal page would give you a number it would give you nothing long term, but hopefully sharing your stuff on my blog page will give you greater long term benefit.

    I hope this makes sense, I understand it is not to everyone’s liking.

    • mamagrace71 says

      Hi there,

      Thanks for your feedback. It totally makes sense.

      It’s obviously nice for some to receive a Like from a personal account but it’s not a mandatory rule to link up to FBLS. (I’ve changed the wording a little to say, “If you can like from your personal account”).

      What I’m mainly trying to encourage from this link is interaction and for bloggers to discover new blogs.

  4. says

    Hi and thanks for this. I didn’t realise that about the whole “Liking” as your business page not counting! Very new to this all so thanks for that heads-up.

  5. says

    Hi Mama Grace, I’m the same as Clairey – am no use to anyone as my personal page so have liked a whole range of pages as my page – that’s where I do all the best sharing work, so I hope that’s okay with everyone! Allison

  6. says

    I’m the same as Clairey and Allison.

    I like all pages as my Facebook page. I feel bad not liking as my personal page as I know it doesn’t add to numbers (which is a silly Facebook thing anyway I think!) but I’m not ready to get my real name out there just yet. Maybe in time I will.

    So sorry if this annoys people but I do still get to see everything – when FB page news feed isn’t being temperamental that is!

    Nat xx

  7. says

    Such a cool idea! I think now its time for me to create a facebook fan page for my blog, although I have resisted to do so before. But this opportunity mustn’t have missed.

  8. says

    Thanks so much for organising this Grace. I hope that I have followed etiquette and posted and liked using my personal Facebook ID. My apology to anyone if I posted on their page and wasn’t meant to (but my understanding is that this helps your “talking about” numbers if it is from a personal page).


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