Breaking the Inseparability of Twins

by mamagrace71 on October 2, 2012

There seems to be this romantic notion that twins should never be apart. That there is both sweetness and strength in the fact that they are each other’s constant.

And no one was more moved by this than I. Seeing the boys kick and squirm during the ultrasounds, it was astounding that two little beings were so compromsing in such a tight space. 2 little sacs, sharing the one placenta.

Often, both relatives and strangers alike, have all “ooohed and ahhhed” at their intertwined bond; the way they run around in a park randomly holding hands; the moments of happily sharing and swapping their Thomas trains; the little badgering conversations they have with each other (“Come on, K-Bear, come on, come ON!!!” “Okay, okaaaay!”)

But alongside these moments are the growing questions many have asked about whether we’ll be seperating them at school.

Again, my initial idyllic plans were to always, forever keep them together. After all, isn’t that what makes twins special?

Not long ago, illness was rife in our house.

The first bomb that hit was Nunu’s throat infection.  He incessantly coughed like a barking dog.

There was no way he was fit enough to go ahead with the normal weekly activities of swimming class and daycare.

For 3 days straight, a little pajama clad Nunu, would wave his bro off, as he was left behind and quarantined.

It was heartbreaking.

The day I dropped K-Bear off at daycare, sans one twin brother, I was an emotional wreck.

Luckily, we have a very understanding carer, who also happens to be a personal friend.

I got to the door and when she realised that there was one missing, I almost burst into tears.

It was a myriad of concerns that consumed me. I was worried how K-Bear would cope without his brother at daycare. They had never been apart for this long from each other, let alone without either parent.

And yes, perhaps I was letting the drama queen get the better of me. Singleton kids survive daycare on their own. All. The. Time.

But then, my mind would turn back to Nunu. His cough still wasn’t getting better. The visible changes in his appearance; the waning face, the heavy set dark eyes; all made me completely helpless. I wondered if being sick was exhasubated by the absence of his identical sibling.

It was much ado about nothing.

While K-Bear may have asked for his brother a couple of times during that first day, by the second, his sense of new found freedom was palpable.

Back at the ranch, someone else seemed to enjoy having free reigns of the telly…

and the computer…

It was the week when this over-protective, twin mama realised that in constant togetherness, there is the comfort (and necessity) of being apart.

As a wise bloggy friend of mine Bridget, who also happens to be mum of TWO sets of twins, once said, “They need to find their own.”

And thus, breaketh the inseperability of twins.

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