Welcome to the Flog Yo Blog Friday (FYBF) page!  What’s this all about ?

Every Friday morning, I open up FYBF for bloggers to link up their favourite post from the week.

In the tradition of a blog hop, FYBF is a great way for you to showcase your best/funniest/most riveting work for others to see and vice versa.

Below was the first FYBF post back in May, 2012.

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See you over at FYBF !!!


Flog Yo Blog Friday: The May the Fourth Edition

Hello wonderful peeps !

Welcome to Flog Yo Blog Friday !

It’s with hot diggity pleasure for me to be the new host for this awesomesauce link-up.  *Squeeeee!!!*

Looking forward to catching up with you on my favourite day of the week and getting to read your stories and thoughts.

We’re gonna kick things off around here Princess Leia/Obi Wan style….ahems…



A huge round of applause and sweet special thanks to the ever so talented Glowless for editing and splicing this all up!  Mwah !

Also, a very big thank you and smoochy kissy to the ever amazing Brenda over at Mummy Time.  Thank you for entrusting me with you Friday baby.  I hope I do you proud.

Last, but certainly by no means least, HUGE thanks to my Creative Director/Props Manager – Mr. Surfer.  Without him, I wouldn’t have had such awesome (Princess Leia) buns.  I love you, babe!  I will never doubt your costume/props creating ability.  Ever !!!

And so, without further a due…Let’s get flogging !!!