Yoga: Toddler Style

Once a week at our daycare centre, a yoga teacher comes over specifically to teach the children some simple poses.

I wrote a post about the surprising impact it already had on Nunu after the first class.

Ever since, our carer likes to send through photos to prove that the boys can actually sit still.

They now say, “Namaste” and apparently at the end of each yoga session they have a little “Oom” moment.

How about bringing some of that peace and tranquility back home, boys ???

Joining in Trish at My Little Drummer Boys for Wordless Wednesday


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  1. says

    I am jealous of these two cuties. A yoga gym/class is hard to come by here, if there’s one it’s either too far from where we are or too expensive. Great poses boys! :)
    ava recently posted..CurveballsMy Profile

  2. Daisy says

    Haha! I’d need photos to believe mine sat still as well! How cute and how awesome! You should totally ask the teacher for a kids yoga DVD recommendation! And then let us know (and by us I mean me!)
    Daisy recently posted..Orange & Coconut Syrup CakeMy Profile

  3. says

    Your kids are always better for other people, which is probably a good thing. My SIL always says we are lucky to have such easy to look after girls. She hasn’t been here in the afternoons when they both turn into witches!
    Alicia recently posted..Liebster in da house!!My Profile

  4. says

    That is absolutely adorable! I couldn’t imagine my Munchkin sitting still for any period of time either. Just today my Mum said “I wonder if he will be a puzzle child?” I just laughed and said “Yeah right!” You have 2 beautiful boys there!
    Chrissie xx

  5. says

    Hello this is the twins Yoga teacher Leonie from YogaBugs. Your beautiful twins are an absolute pleasure to teach and enjoy their classes so much. It is truly incredible that children as young as 18 mths respond so well to this program. I run weekly classes in daycare, pre-school and run public classes on Monday and Thursday’s. For more photos see Namaste Leonie

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