Who Needs A Teddy Bear…

When you can have a bag of brown sugar…(Nunu on Monday)

Or a sack of rice…(K-Bear yesterday)

What random objects do your children take  to bed ?

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    Oh Grace, that’s hilarious! I must say, my kids have never taken food items to bed. Once H took a water bottle but that was only because J wouldn’t let him take his toy. They often just grab one thing they’ve been playing with. I know, how boring x
    Kelly @ HT and T recently posted..Mr & Mrs HTandTMy Profile

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    Thats funny but a little weird Grace. Are you starving your children?
    At least it was food, my son once took an empty beer bottle to bed with him. Apparently it was just like ‘Bottle Top Bill’.

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    Gosh, Mstr 5 has every stuffed toy under the sun – a dog, Woody, Buzz Lightyear, his Glow in the dark monkey and a metal water bottle!
    The middle two are happy with their water bottles beside their beds… the eldest – who knows! No one was ever game enough to go in and find out! LOL! 😉 xxx
    carmen recently posted..Wordless Wednesday randomness.My Profile

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    Love that. I think someone cooks with them A LOT! Miss Poss has a Binkie Bear but the Twins didn;t reallu get into anything specific. Purr goes with the moment and Squeak will have nothing but ramdomly decide bunny is coming to bed that day. Kids are hilarious!
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