My toddler yogis

A few weeks ago, we made a big plunge in changing day care centres.

The decision wasn’t taken lightly. In fact, there was a lot of toing and froing.

The twinlets were attending a centre run by a lady with 20 years of experience behind her.  She had a routine as precise as a Swiss made clock. But the hours were short.  Having to constantly face bottle neck traffic to get there, it never felt there was ever enough solo time to get anything done.

Then there was the option to switch over to my mummy friend’s new place. After months of anticipation, she had finally opened her centre with the added bonus of only being 5 minutes from our home. With a toddler son of her own, she was up to date with the latest educational resources and activities  from iPad apps and YouTube clips.

There was also toddler yoga.

Forever the pragmatic man, Mr Surfer was weighing out the traditional, no-fail guaranteed system of our first centre versus the modern, yet less experienced facilities of my friend’s.

For me though, the thought of twin tornados sitting still in a serene lotus pose was too good to pass up!

While Mr Surfer simply rolled his eyes, convinced it was just another new fandangled toddler trend.

We eventually changed over to my friend’s place.

Reporting back after their first lesson, my friend explained that all the traditional yoga positions were taught via associations with animals and other familiar objects – the cobra, the tree, the butterfly.

Apparently, the twinlets were vaguely interested.  10 minutes into the half hour class, they both became distracted. One of them had to do his private business in a quiet corner of the room.

How much “chitta” and “chakra” can one toddler grasp, anyway?

A week later, while playing at home, Nunu impulsively placed his hands on the floor.  With legs straight and apart, his head was hanging down between them.

“Woof!” he said while looking at me in his upside down state.

And there you have it.

The downward facing dog position – toddler yogi style.

Namaste, my boy.


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  1. says

    My girls love yoga and pilates…..They don’t do it as cute as yours but then it sounds like your twins have an expert instructor :)

    I want to see twin cobra action…can you arrange that?

  2. says

    So cute Woof! Reminds me when mine were little and used to copy me doing yoga in the lounge room and I would feel like giving up when they could bend so much better than me. But half an hour? I didn’t think any toddler could do one thing for that long.

  3. says

    Bloody hilarious. Don’t they say yoga relaxes. You? I’ve heard many people say they always let out a fart or two. Your little man just had to go one step further. I so have to follow up on this post. The twins do crazy yoga poses all the time, and we don’t got to yoga. Wait till you see the photos!

  4. says

    That’s cool! I saw toddlers doing yoga on Playschool yesterday, looked like they were all enjoying it – think I’ll investigate for when my daughter is a lil bit older :)


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