My Week In Instagram 23/09

Joining in for the first time with the ever so lovely Tina Gray for her “My Week In Instagram” blog hop.

Thanks for popping my cherry, Tina!

I didn’t realise how many photos I took of my feet this week…hmmm…

A special happy birthday to my beloved Mr Surfer!

I got my act together this year and got him presents that he actually wanted. (More on that in another post…ahems).

How was your week?

P.S I am an Instagram addict. Follow me and my addiction here.

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  1. says

    Hello lovely lady, thanks so much for blog hopping with me this week! Looks like your week was fab :) Do you mind too much adding the blog hop code to your post? It makes it easier for people to “hop” from one blog to the next. Thanks!! xx

  2. says

    It really is amazing when you put them all together how many pics you end up taking during the week isn’t it! Love your photos, and you can never take too many in my opinion! I got some strawberries too, ate a whole punnet this afternoon!

  3. says

    Happy birthday, Mr. Surfer and congrats to you for the gift giving success. I learned my lesson and stick to…services. I’m totally in the dark when it comes to Instagram but I’ll have to check it out because Pinterest has ticked me off.

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