My boys in batik

For our impending holiday to Bali (Woot!), I’ve been trying to get the boys “culturally” and “linguistically” ready.

Last weekend, I thought it was time we tried on the batik shirts that my mum brought back from Indo.

Surprisingly, they wore them without protest!

Bali, or BUST!

Have you dressed your children in a national costume ? Or do you have enough trouble just getting them dressed?

Joining in Trish at My Little Drummer Boys for Wordless Wednesday.



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  1. says

    Oh, too cute Grace. Way too cute! Boyo really wanted a Bintang t-shirt. Fortunately, I kept forgetting to buy him one and he was exceedingly happy with his 500 Pokemon cards instead!

    • mamagrace71 says

      I’ve been waiting for the shirts to fit them for ages now :)
      I wasn’t originally planning on it but I think I will blog from Bali – there’s just going to be so much to say and talk about :)

  2. says

    Oh that is just too cute! Does Australia onsies count for Australia Day? Lol.
    Yes dressing my boy is a challenge in itself. My darling daughter loves clothes and dressing, so much so that she often wants to put a dress or nighty on over her clothes!

  3. says

    Oh too cute. Having lived in SE Asia I don’t see the need to dress in nation costume but there is a reason for the shirts like this is that they a nicer the wear in the heat than T shirts. But really we all adjust to even that. Have fun in Bali

  4. says

    They look so cool! I love the shirts. I had traditional dresses made for my girls when we attended a Malawian wedding. They were excited to wear them for the event but most days it is a struggle to get them dressed. At two and three they would much rather not wear anything at all. Hope you have a fabulous trip!

  5. says

    They’re so cute. I really want to steal them.

    Jackson refuses to wear several of his shirts now. I don’t know why. He just hates them. But, they’re 6 I figure it’s time they had a choice in clothing anyway.

  6. says

    They looks so cute! I love those shirts. I struggle to get Mia dressed, she wriggles so much and just doesn’t want a bar of it. She is slowly starting to realise though that if she just gives me her arms and legs to put in her clothes the process goes much quicker and then she can escape.

  7. says

    So cute! My kids got some Vietnamese shirts from their uncle and they love wearing them around. Only when it was Harmony day at school, Big Boy insisted that he was Australian and he would only wear Australian clothing.

  8. says

    I like the Boys casual Galaxy canvas shoe. So incredibly cute! We have a rule, no shoes, no deck play. We have had some whopped splinters from our deck. But often shoes are hard to find. I hate school mornings!

  9. says

    Oh Grace you DO have twins….and they are so cute. My twins are fraternal. I think yours look identical!? They look gorgeous in their batik shirts. I wish you and your family a fabulous holiday and look forward to hearing about it and seeing lots of lovely photo’s! xx


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