Meet ya at the finish line

Last Sunday was the much anticipated City2Surf run.

It was my third race in a row but definitely the most memorable because I got to catch up with this lovely lady at the finish line…

No wonder I was a little starry eyed!  Well done, Trish!

Joining in with the hostess herself for Wordless Wednedsay

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  1. says

    I was there! But going very slowly… next year will try to do it at a jog… enjoyed it much more than expected, had thought the crowds would be so intimidating. Well done you!

  2. says

    Three races in a row?! That’s insane. Love the shades – is that what they hand out at the finish line, because that would be incentive for me.

  3. says

    It must have been such a great experience! Have you got to know her right at the finish? It could be a beginning of a beautiful friendship!

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