Happy Feet {Betts Kids Giveaway}

If it wasn’t trippy enough finding out for the first time we were having twins, the ultrasounds thereafter were something out of this world.

Like a silent version of “Aliens”, Mr Surfer and I would sit in that dark room and stare at the huge plasma screen in disbelief.  Before us, there were two little heads, two little bodies and all the twenty teeny tiny fingers and toes.

“It’s like you’ve got a little soccer team in there…” The ultrasound technician giggled on one occasion.


As sleeping babies in their twin stroller, I would throw a large muslin over the front, protecting them from the sun and flies. But four little feet and their squidgy toes would peep out, catching the attention of many a jogger and by passer.

“Oh, how cute! You have twins?”  Asking while having a quick peak through the cover.

These little feet are no doubt the joy of my life.  At the same time, have given me great cause to get fit while learning the importance of patience.

They turn stubborn, defiant even, and refuse to budge an inch when I’m in a hurry to get them to the car.

But then they do the Usain Bolt, (usually in opposite directions), guaranteeing me to sprint after them and beating my PBT.

There are also the precious moments when they actually sit still.  Then a foot is shoved in my face, requesting for fat little toes to get some “This Little Piggy” tickle time.

“Mama, Piggy…Piggy…”

Back in late August, Betts Kids kindly invited me to the launch of their Summer/Spring collection.

Along with a beautiful morning tea spread, I had the opportunity to see first hand a beautiful and stylish range of shoes that had plenty of appeal for children of all ages.

I can say from experience that Betts Kids shoes are extremely comfortable because they graciously gave the twinlets a pair each.  Not only are these sandals look so cute on these mischievous, adventurous little feet, the boys happily wear them without fuss.  (Big plus!)

And the news gets even better! Betts Kids are generously offering 3 readers a pair (to the value of $100) each.  Awesome, yes?

What’s been your most memorable Usain Bolt moment with your little one/s ?

To enter this fab giveaway:

1)   Head on over to the Betts Kids website and leave a comment on this post telling me which pair of shoes your little one would love the most. (Don’t forget to include your email address)

2)   Click Like on the Betts Kids Facebook page.

3)   Like “With Some Grace” on Facebook.

The important stuff:

1)  This giveaway is for Australian residents only.

2)  Closing date is Sunday, 4th of November.

3)  The winners will be announced on Monday, 5th of November.

4)  Please remember to leave your email address in your comment.

5)  Betts Kids Shoes will contact the winners who will have the choice of either having the requested shoes delivered or to be picked up at the nearest Betts Kids Shoes store.

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. All opinions expressed are my own.

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  1. Michelle V says

    My beautiful daughter Penni, aged 8
    Thinks the Talie style shoes are great!
    Size 1 in White (her favourite shoe hue!)
    For the summer season, no others will do!

  2. says

    I’ve had a child who has never done any bolting, she tends to give me a verbal run around which leaves me just as exhausted and wondering what the word patience means. As for the 20 toes, two heads, my sis has 4 month old twins (and a toddler) and I think she believes more than aliens have come into her life! :-)
    Bachelormum recently posted..Free solution to household choresMy Profile

  3. says

    I love the KRYSTAL pair from the new arrivals. Such a lovely colour combination.

    With twins, like you, I completely understand. Luckily, I have Miss Possum but sometimes she does the bolt too!
    Yesterday, I alone, took a huge leap of faith and took all three girls plus our two dogs for a walk to the park. We started off well until Miss Possum let go of Sam (the dog) and he went bolting off down the street. I’m holding one dog and holding the hands of my two year old twins. Miss Possum (four years old) races after Sam and around the corner out of sight while I’m screaming for her to come back to me. I’m pulling the girls forward as fast as possible. We managed to get to the park that day, with all five of them alive and fine but that was a scary moment for mummy!
    Penny recently posted..Teach your child to be Snake SafeMy Profile

  4. says

    Best bolt moment was in Aldi. My wife told me to hold on to little miss 2.5 but I didn’t want to “oppress” her spirit. Next thing she’s tearing down the ailses pulling jars off squeeling “daddy daddy daddy” as I chase her doing the “running while trying to look like your not running” thing.
    Kevin recently posted..Read me in four months…My Profile

  5. says

    I think the Lark saddles would be cute on G. They are a great combination of pretty and sensible!

    I have plenty of bolting stories to chose from, I feel like I am always chasing after her. The most recent was in our local shopping centre, I had C in the buggy going down the travelator, G made a run for it, but because of all the people in my way and having the buggy I couldn’t catch her. When I finally got to the bottom I ran around shouting out for her but couldn’t see her anywhere. It was terrifying! I eventually found her sitting at a table in the food court as if she was just waiting on a order. Cheeky monkey!

    It’s funny that you’re doing a shoe give away today, my post is about shoes too :-) x
    Catherine Rodie Blagg @CoTaaB recently posted..Sexism. And shoesMy Profile

  6. says

    I love these shoes, with 4 kids I am always looking for durable shoes that can be worn for play and dress up. I love the Krystal sandals for my eldest girl. – muddynat@gmail.com
    My 3 girls have been pretty good, they haven’t done the Usain Bolt on me very much but my Baby Boy does it every chance he can get, his favourite one is bathtime, I get him undressed and he bolts out the bathroom door giggling so hard he falls over trying to run. It’s frustrating but hilarious at the same time. I definitely take my hat off to you with twin boys!
    Nat – Muddy Farmwife recently posted..Part and ParcelMy Profile

  7. says

    Oh bless their cute little tootsies!!

    I would get the Congo’s for my son. They will match is baby blue eyes (when we all have brown eyes!)
    He’s 17 months and only just starting to stand on his feet, after having no muscle tone in his ankles or hips, we’ve had problems getting him to put weight on his legs. At 10 months old I felt like I was carrying around a 9kilo new born!! Now he is on the move we need to get him into his first pair of shoes!
    Yvette Bowyer recently posted..omai australia – bento giveawayMy Profile

  8. says

    I love Betts Kids, we’ve gotten JJ’s last 4 pairs from there. She’d love a pair of the “Candi” ones – she has a serious shoe fetish, and a serious purple fetish, and these are SHOES with PURPLE flowers. OMG she’ll do her best 2 year old swoon.

    As for an Usain Bolt – how can I pick just one? She bolts every single day. Freaks me out. Especially driveways. I’ve done a few mad dashes, abandoning the pram for lost, breastfeeding baby bouncing along for the ride…. I can only imagine twins…. (respect!)

    Danya Banya recently posted..Book Review & Giveaway: Sophia’s Jungle AdventureMy Profile

  9. says

    It was just after Miss Ava was born, and I was doing the grocery shopping. I had Ava in the baby bjorn, Bailey in the trolley and a trolley completely full of shopping, so that I had to take Bailey out to fit it in when I paid. He was playing on one of those boat things, and as I went towards him, with my full trolley and baby attached, he took off back into Coles at full speed.I had to park the trolley at the checkout, ask the lady to mind him, then run after him in my thongs, trying not to fall over. He ran to one end of the shop, up the aisle, and right down to the other end as well, and only stopped when some helpful lady stood in his way. The bonus of catching him, was that I got to drag him kicking and screaming, all the way back to the trolley, which then needed to be pushed one handed down a slope. I loosened my grip on him momentarily, he took off again, I let go of the trolley which started to slide away, and by some miracle of go gadget arms, managed to grab his wrist and then catch the trolley before it crashed into a car. Then I had no idea what to do, until some lovely lady offered to push the trolley to the car, and Bailey was so concerned she was stealing our food, it snapped him out of it.
    And if that doesn’t win me new shoes, nothing will! :)
    jess recently posted..A Post About NothingMy Profile

  10. says

    lovely post Grace
    i’ve had too many moments (which i am trying hard to forget) when my monkeys have run off
    but i can share with the the joy of shoes + boys
    my little 3 year old is on his 3rd pair of sneakers in 3 months!
    don’t last long with him
    Josefa @always Josefa recently posted..The First NightMy Profile

  11. says

    *sigh* My darn practicality!
    Summit. The boys would love them though. REAL school shoes. Why? Because they kill shoes! Quickly… so I’ve never bought them quality stuff. Silly mum.
    carmen recently posted..If only…My Profile

  12. says

    I have two little men who have practised for the “Olympics” for the past few months now. Not a ‘sporty’ bone in their bodies, but bless them, they’re out there giving it a go.

    I’m loving the Black Respond – they’d be great for school. And I think that the “Griffin” is adorable.
    Melissa Mitchell recently posted..Congratulations. You’re obese!My Profile

  13. says

    You and Tricia (Critters and Crayons) have the best give-aways that I can’t participate in because I live in Hell! Oh well, now I know how Hades feels. Ha, ha. Cute shoes – love pudgy feet.
    Nami recently posted..Birthday TraditionMy Profile

  14. says

    Love love those pudgy feet! Patience is one of my constant prayer now. And too bad I can’t join. Maybe next year or the year after next we decide to migrate to Australia, I’ll be your regular contestant then.
    ava recently posted..Now My DogMy Profile

  15. says

    This post has come at the perfect time as Mia will be walking soon, and once she’s gotten a bit of practice in and steadied up I’ll be looking to get her some shoes. I absolutely love the Candi sandals, they are gorgeous and going on my wishlist! I may have to getsome for her for Christmas I think. http://www.bettskids.com.au/catalogue/Girls_Baby/CANDI_3.aspx
    Am now a fan of Betts Kids on facebook and my email address is kylie(@)kyliepurtell(dot)com
    Kylez @ A Study in Contradictions recently posted..Thankful Thursday: I Heart My BodyMy Profile

  16. Glenda McDonnell says

    It feels like I’m running a marathon keeping up with little growing feet, a pair of Tobago” sandals might let me skip training for a month or so… boys and there growth spurts… Arghhhhhh!!!!!

  17. Sabby says

    4 year old is obsessed with shoes,
    pink, red, white and blue.
    Betts Latina sandal looks great,
    support, comfort for that play date.

  18. says

    My Little Princess would love to share,
    Pretty “PHOEBE” is her desired pair!
    Only last week did we walked into our local store,
    INSTANT comfort when she wore!
    A seamless fit I must say,
    Financially unable to purchase on that day!
    I asked my daughter why what she loved most?
    “Mummy, my feet didn’t get bumps on my feet!” was her response and I’m glad I could share on this POST!
    “Blisters” is what my four year old was trying to express,
    AND to know comfort at such a young age does impress!
    These seamless sandals would bring joy to her life each day,
    Feeling free to run, skip and play!!!!
    Email Address: annabelle.nicolas@gmail.com

  19. Laura C says

    I love the Layla. Well, most importantly, I know my daughter would love the Layla. Not only are they sandals, but they are pink too – her favourite colour. I can imagine her running about everywhere in summer wearing these. Now, to choose a pair for her twin sister….

  20. Alma G says

    CARNATION. These are gorgeous. We actually own them already in 3 different sizes because my daughter loves them so much :)

  21. Tanya Bowers says

    the senior mandy shoe and the royce shoe are the ones that my 12 yr old loves even if we dont win i will wait and see ill be buys one thank you. liked and shared both stores

  22. Kelly Arndt says

    Love the ‘Layla’ in Fuchsia,
    Such a pretty, girly style of shoe,
    For my Princess Isabella,
    Only pretty, girly and Betts will do!

  23. Natalie Stoute says

    I would choose the Mekong sandal for my middle boy Deakin. He starts kindy next year and these sandals look perfect for him to wear to school. I have three young boys and the youngest two always wear hand-me-downs, so it would be nice to treat him to a new pair of shoes for the start of a new chapter in his life. Thanks for the chance :)

  24. MissT says

    I would love a pair of the ‘KYLIE’ sandles for my little Moo. Just yesterday she done the Bolt down the beach, straight into the water. So scary, luckily Daddy was there to grab her. I’m a liker of both Facebook pages :)

    tanene_ 86@hotmail.com

  25. Kimberly Featherstone says

    My girl would love the KASHI in Fuchsia to match her likes and her clothes.. practical and would get a lot of wear.!

  26. Mara Book says

    RANI for my daughter…ever the fashionista.
    Gallaxy for my son – a trendy little mister.
    And for my bubba twins…ARTY would do just fine.
    All 4 can be buggers, but they’re lovingly all mine!

  27. says

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