FYBF – The bright and orange edition…

What’s bright and orange, runs like the wind….and is extremely cute???



Last week’s FYBF was all about the roller skates.

This week my friends, my legs are pumped and set to take off for the City2Surf challenge.

I’m even more excited over the fact that I’ll be running for Team World Vision.

A big thanks to Rose, Jess and the guys for getting us all together for our 10kms practise run and cooking up an awesome BBQ breakfast.

4 years ago, when I first watched the race, secretly jealous of all the runners and their amazing strength and endurance, I remember Mr Surfer trying to assure me that I’d be out there one day.

“Nah. There’s no way I’ll ever be able to run 14 kms…”  I laughed off his preposterous suggestion.

The following year, leaving behind an ample supply of expressed breastmilk in the fridge for Mr Surfer to feed our 6 month old twinlets, I headed out bright and early into the city to start my very first race.

I was almost 39.

It wasn’t long ago my mind was cluttered and hindered with negative thoughts of “No way…” “I can’t…” “As if…”

And yet, here I am today…telling you all about my upcoming third race.

Life offers so much for our taking.  Whatever goals or dreams we have, what’s stopping us from achieving them?

In the words of our 400 metre Olympic hopeful, Steve Salomon:

“How bad do you want it???”

I want it baaaaad, baby!!!

P.S  Tune in for next week’s C2S vlog!

P.P.S Please visit my fundraising page if you’d like make a donation to Team World Vision.

P.P.P.S A HUGE thanks and hug to all you gorgeous bloggy buddies who already have.

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  1. says

    You’re amazing! Honestly, where do you get the energy? Can I please have some of that with a chia latte on the side?

    Oh and if you can, please delete my screw up link. Yes, I did put the title in the url box. Yes, I did keep going and not realise. Yes, it’s 5 am and I have no brain function right now.

  2. says

    Well done Grace! I can’t imagine it. I remember my pride when I did a 5km run (without stopping) for the mothers day classic. I hung up my running shoes after that day … my knees were shot, I threw up, my lungs felt like they were going to explode. Never again. But I’d done it (albeit it only once). I admire anyone who actually enjoys running …
    Leanne@Deep Fried Fruit recently posted..Day 1039 – Australian Cheerleader MagazineMy Profile

  3. says

    Well done Grace, that’s awesome! My cousin is also running in the C2S this weekend to raise money for Lifestart (they provide help and support to disabled kids and their families) who have done a fabulous job in helping her an hr husband out with their two special needs kids. It’s such a great idea to run for charity. My sisters are also running for Cantoo in the running festival in September, this will be A’s third run, back in May she did a half marathon and raised over $2000! I am so inspired by them and you and anyone else who gets out there and does it for charity. It’s definitely something I want to do once Mia gets a little older.
    Kylez…aka…Mrs.P recently posted..Help! Daughter Don’t DozeMy Profile

  4. says

    Oh Good luck hon.. that is really inspirational! I hope Sunday goes well and you have the wind benhind you for the run! But I know you wont need it!
    I really really want to start running and even though I have dodge hips.. I know I could do it!…
    Best of luck – cant wait to hear/see about it – Ill be thinking of you!
    Java Jane recently posted..More time..My Profile

  5. says

    Go you!! I remember having those same thoughts…that I could “never” be a runner. I “can’t” run! Last Saturday I did my first 6.5km run in under 48 minutes! I haven’t ever run 10km, but now I don’t say I can’t, I just haven’t “yet”.
    Aroha @ Colours of Sunset recently posted..Thankful ThursdayMy Profile

  6. says

    Hot runner …in that gear! You are so ready to do this, I can see the finish line being approached inPB.
    I know Sydney siders flock to the footpaths & edges of the road to clap and cheer.
    Pity Kerri Sackville is OS because she and the kids often spectate from the White (grey) House.
    Best of fun running.
    Love D x
    Denyse Whelan Education Specialist recently posted..30 Thankfuls.My Profile

  7. says

    Good luck Grace. I’ll be sending you my all my positive thoughts.
    I just linked up here for the first time. I’m Leslie from Gwen Moss blog checking in at #74. Glad to be here.


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