FYBF – Open Letter to Mr Z

Dear Mr Z,

Just wanted to bring to your attention that, along with other bloggy buddies, my little page on your awesome social network has somehow slipped through the newsfeed cracks.

I’m just not getting much lovin’ these days.

What’s with that?

I’m playing by your rules.  I even get some of my friends to join in every second Sunday to hit some Like buttons and share the love.

You know all about love, right?   I mean, you just recently married your long-time girlfriend.

Which is a great thing because while you’re floating in marital bliss, your company shares are sinking.

Now, that’s a real shame but let me break this to you gently.

You’re sniffing in a bag of dirty potatoes.  There’s no potential advertising revenue for you here.

I am a mere penniless, profitless blogger.

Asking me to pay to promote my posts?  Keep dreaming.

Here’s the deal.  I know it’s a little late and I’m assuming you’re the man who has it all.  But how about I pick a little belated present from your bridal registry?

Anything in the $9.99 range ?

Or how about I just dedicate a little post to you and your lovely betrothed on this humble little blog of mine?  I’ll even give you some prime time on Friday when I do this awesome linky called “FYBF”.  How’s that sound?

Do you think then, fabulous giveaways like last week’s Veronica’s Closet will get more than a measly “39 people saw this post” ?

Don’t worry, I’m not mad…yet.  I’m gonna sit and watch how things pan out.

Just don’t make me leave “The Book” for “The Bird”.

Thanks and cheers,


P.S  To make sure there’s no hard feelings, you’re invited to an awesome #FYBFparty tonight at 8pm (EST) over at your recent big purchase, Instagram. You can find me here.  Get  your party gear on and take a pic, ‘k?

 1. Follow With Some Grace.

2. Sign up to the awesome Digital Parents community ( if you haven’t already done so). DP was created by Brenda Gaddi who happens to be the creator of FYBF. She’s also created 4 gorgeous kidlets. In case you’d like to know. Or maybe not. But we’ll share that info just the same.

3. Add your post URL to the linky. Please only link up one post.

4. Grab the funky FYBF button and post it on your sidebar. Help spread the blogfloggin love.

5. Visit the blogs of your fellow FYBF’ers and share the comment love.

6. Share some more comment love. It’s proven to make your wrinkles disappear…overnight. #truth

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  1. says

    Brilliant Grace! I feel the same way about Facebook at the moment – it’s just not fair. I’m working so hard to grow my page, look for engaging content and then.. “4 people saw this”… Agggraaaaaaa! I can understand it for big profitable companies, but bloggers? not fair!

  2. says

    Yes, Facebook is very unpredictable. It seems so unfair that they suddenly change the goal posts. I don’t know the answer. I hope you get some interest in the giveaway through other means. Your blog is a great place to be, and people should know about it!

  3. says

    so so true Grace. I’ve been following Deb’s comments from Home Life Simplified and have been sad about the strange things happening in Facey feed that means we don’t get to see our favourite posts when they set up new links! All the more reason to make sure your Google Reader is up to date with your favourite writers I reckon! Happy Weekend to you and your fam. Pip x

  4. says

    Facebook can be frustrating like that. Every now I then I realise I haven’t seen any updates for awhile from a certain person/business and when I check their page it seems they have been updating but I just haven’t been seeing it! Very annoying.

  5. says

    Oh I’m the same! What’s the point of have hundreds of likers if only a handful of them see your stuff! It’s exhausting.
    It sort of explains my post today. Too.

    Just realised I haven’t linked back. Oops! Off to do that now!

  6. says

    Mr Z you are a greedy, greedy rich man!!! How dare you hold all our lovely likers to ransom!!! You can’t buy my love!!! To you beautiful Grace, I give it freely! I just want to smother you in it!!! Let the Grace Lovefest begin!!! xxx

  7. says

    Naughty facebook. So, do dodgy! As you know, I’m on Pinterest more these days and I love it. No payment required (that I know of). Plus beautiful inspiring images galore. Some how I don’t think I’ll give Facebook up any day soon though.

  8. says

    39 must be the magic number. All of my recent posts were seen by 39 people. That is roughly 39% of my followers. I hope Mr Z get’s to meet everyone tonight!

  9. says

    ohh Grace!!! I know how ya feel!! Sometimes you post an AWESOME blogpost on facebook.. and no one responds… gets ya right there doesn’t it!!

    But we love you and we are always here for you!! :)

    Not sure about attending the event tonight.. Hubby is running me a bubble bath when he gets home :P

  10. says

    Its tricky isn’t it! I seem to get around 30 views. which seemed about right at first when I had 40 or so likers. Now that I have more and the viewers stay the same, makes me wonder if it is worth putting in the effort!

  11. says

    I’m having a lot of FB issues. We used to have a free host which I now realise was a bad idea. Our url was blocked from facebook and even though I’ve filled out the request form at least 100 times, I never get a response. :( Boo.

  12. says

    So true Grace, Greedy McGreederson has taken ALL of the fun out of Facebook. Once upon a time you could pop on and have a sticky beak, share some pics, have a chat. Now it’s all about this game or that game, advertising, promoting posts, searching out pages that no longer appear in your newsfeed. It’s all over. *sigh*
    And I’m sorry I can’t come to the party tonight, IT’S MY BIRTHDAY!! So we have plans. But enjoy x

  13. says

    Thanks for FYBF – while I haven’t joined in today, I am enjoying reading other blogs !!!
    Have the best day and looking forward to the party tonight.

  14. says

    You took the words right out of the mouths of many Gracie! I can’t help but believe that things are gonna change…or maybe I will consider hanging out with the Google + kids??

    This is a clever little ditty. Let’s hope Mr Z get’s a whaddup :)

  15. says

    Yes it’s so annoying! I love the way you presented your annoyance too though because it made me laugh…and be annoyed at the same time! I seriously do NOT get Twitter so I really hope I can stick with the ‘book because the bird is way too confusing.

  16. says

    I am SO sick of seeing sponsored posts from ToughMudder. I don’t like you! I don’t want to see your posts! How on earth do you get into my newsfeed?! AAAARGH!

    I’d much rather read your posts, Miss Grace. Much, much rather.

  17. says

    I understand that the Z Man has to make moolah for his shareholders now, but it’s now getting to the stage that it’s not viable for bloggers and small businesses that can’t afford to ‘pay to promote’ to keep trying to build their FB pages. Hope there is a balance struck soon so we can all continue to enjoy the facebook love, both as pages and followers. x

  18. says

    You are an amazing mum and creative genius. Took me 2 reads to work out “don’t make me choose between the book and the bird” I was thinking..ummmmm ‘rude bird?’ immmmm hitting with book?

    Anyhow. it does seem like you have hit the nail on the head. By the way, he is such a dork, and you are Mr Surfer looked waaaaaaaaaaaay happier and more loving in your wedding day pic.

    Love me

  19. says

    Oh, you are very patient. I left the book for the bird a long time ago. I still have a FB page, but it kind of just sits there… until better times.

  20. says

    I never have a lot of people see my posts anyway but it is demoralising when it is clear no-one is seeing your posts – I very much hope you get a response – at this rate I may have to dust off my neglected google + account!

  21. says

    I have actually paid to promote the “Footprints” page on FB, more as an experiment than anything else. Guess what? It did virtually nothing. So not worth it!

  22. says

    I’ve been thinking the same thing about Fb lately! It’s so annoying. But there’s no way in heck I’m gonna pay to promote. I’m already with the bird…but haven’t decided if I’m abandoning anyone yet.


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