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Being a first generation Australian with an Indonesian background, I grew up seeing two very different worlds.

The first being filled with opportunities, privileges and wealth.

The second?  Not so much.

My mum is living evidence how tough a life can be for a woman in a developing country.

Being the eldest of 8 with a father who went missing for years during World War 2 and was feared dead, it was my mum’s heavy responsibility to keep the household afloat.

At the crack of dawn, the chores would start with walking long distances to the rice field to do some planting.  Returning back home, she would hit the dirt paths again to collect wood and clean water for the day.

My mum’s a trouper. Those tired old legs of hers have definitely done their distance.  Yet, there are still many women and young girls in developing countries doing similar labour intensive tasks for survival.

CARE Australia WIHS 2

It’s an honour to take part in CARE Australia’s Walk In Her Shoes Challenge.  A group of us from Digital Parents, including my awesome buddy, Jess, will be walking 10, 000 steps (6-8 kilometres) on Tuesday, 19th of March to raise funds to help women and girls and their communities to earn incomes, access healthcare, get an education and overcome poverty.

The plan is to raise $2,500 as a team which will buy a water pump system for a community.

If you’d like to help us reach that goal and make a donation (doesn’t matter how small), please click here.

Every dollar counts as does every little step.

1. Follow With Some Grace.

2. Sign up to the awesome Digital Parents community ( if you haven’t already done so). DP was created by Brenda Gaddi who happens to be the creator of FYBF. She’s also created 4 gorgeous kidlets. In case you’d like to know. Or maybe not. But we’ll share that info just the same.

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  1. says

    I will admit after an early morning phone call at 5.15 and I had to get up at 6 anyway, I decided to stalk your blog to get a good position on FYBF (and I did). But then I read your blog post, what an amazing cause. I just made a small donation for you. And good luck for your halfie.

  2. says

    Well done Grace, you are all kinds of awesome as is Jess. I have a feeling you all will certainly make it past the target :)

    Thank you for sharing your mum’s story, it would not have been an easy life for her xxx

    Good Luck! I will be back later tonight to make a donation.

  3. says

    This is such a great idea, it is wonderful to see the Australian blogging community rally together like it has. Fairy wishes and butterfly kisses for a wonderful lovely lady

  4. says

    It’s such a great cause – I am so pleased that I am part of the solution !!!
    Good luck and have the best weekend !

  5. says

    Way to go Grace!! I’ll pop back and donate next week once pay day comes around!! Good luck with fundraising – I’m doing the Ride to Conquer Cancer later this year – best I get cracking with some fundraising ideas!!!

  6. says

    A fantastic cause Grace , I told Babymac I was joining in and I just did it today.
    I love to see bloggers blogging for social good.

  7. says

    Joining in for the first time today at #FYBF! :) Thanks Grace!!! Found out about #FYBF from the gorgeous Angela at School of Mum. Your mother is certainly a very inspirational and courageous woman – I sure hope life is much better for her now! Good luck with the walk – it is such an amazing thing you girls are doing!!! All the best!!!

  8. says

    I hope my little contribution helps a little bit – good on you Grace, you have such a big heart and having travelled to a few third-world countries and it made me realise how tough so many cultures have it. xx

  9. says

    What a beautiful tribute to your mom! She is lucky to have you, just as you are lucky to have her!

    I’ve put your button on my pinterest page.

  10. says

    Your story about your mum here just moved me so much.
    I too endorse the Walk In Her Shoes campaign, honoured to help promote it in any way I can from the moment I first heard about it I was so very impressed with it, such a fantastic cause and inspirational approach too.
    I actually missed an opportunity to be really actively involved with it because of an overzealous spam folder but am very happy to be promoting it in any way I can.
    Rebecca XX


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