Facebook Lovin’ Sunday – 19/08

It’s back for its fortnightly round!


For those who are joining in for the first time, FBLS  is set up to get to know some new bloggers via their Facebook pages and vice versa.

Here’s the important stuff:

1.  Copy and paste your FB Fan Page URL and link it up below

2. If you can, please “Like” a fellow blogger’s page through your personal account. (For some bizzaro reason, the number of Likes on a fan page is only tallied from personal accounts).

3.  For the love of bloggy karma, don’t link and dash! Reciprocate the FB Like love, ‘k?

* Not a deal breaker but how about giving a shout out to a new page you found ?  Doesn’t cost much. Give tenfold, get hundred back, I say.

So, link up, kick back and relax this sunny Sunday!
We’re off to a friend’s surprise birthday party today…can’t wait to see the look on his face :)


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    • mamagrace71 says

      Oh Shari, can you believe it? We were late! We drove up just as they were about to walk into the restaurant. We managed to make a speedy duck for cover! Still a fabulous day, though. Lots of emotions. Hope you had a fabulous weekend x

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