Catching up…

It’s Saturday afternoon and have the lounge room all to myself. I honestly can’t remember the last time that’s happened.

After a busy morning on the ferry and trip to the city, the twinlets are finally down for their nap, Mr Surfer’s gone out for what else? a surf. The “Eat Pray Love” DVD is playing as my background noise. Light and fluffy, yet allowing me to finally collect my thoughts and to try and get back on track.

I feel I’ve been so out of the loop with my blogging lately, feeling that I’ve been left behind in what’s going on. The fact that I have been unavailable to participate is an uncomfortable feeling.

It shouldn’t matter…but somehow it just does.

And August – as predicted – was a month when I was going to be challenged to just even keep my head above water.

An assignment due, a small sales/marking consulting gig, agreeing to be the Social Media Manager for a friend’s local council elections campaign, starting up a health kick that includes 6am starts at the gym 4 times a week (Target is to lose 8 kilos in 9 weeks…)


I thought I had it under control. But, last week, funnily enough after my birthday, sickness swept this household clean.

The twinlets both have a small case of asthma but right up until then, winter had actually been kind to us. I think it was waiting for its grand finale.

With his concerning dog barking cough, Nunu slept with us for the first time ever which ended up being 4 nights in a row. His raspy voice, wan face and dark circles under the eyes was heartbreaking.

It was also the first time the twinlets were separated during their usual weekly activities like swimming and day care. Nunu was quarantined at home while he would watch his brother walk out the door. Their unbroken rule of inseperability had finally crumbled and I was waiting for the expected disasterous impact. But I’ll leave that story for another time.

Taking Nunu to the doctor’s last Wednesday, we discovered he had a nasty throat infection and started a bout of antibiotics. The miraculous change in him was instant.

Yet, we were back on the Friday for K-Bear. He too had a cough and we needed to check that it wasn’t going to turn into a case like his brother’s.

We did discover that the ventolin that we were giving him every night was the culprit to his restlessness. Ventolin has stimulant effects, our doctor told us, and thus it makes the heart race for at least an hour after a dose. No wonder it had taken up to 2 hours for us to settle him in bed.

There’s so much more I want to write about – to just get it all out there. To appreciate that cathartic feeling again but most importantly, to regain that sense of belonging with my on-line village.

So, that’s the long version of a simple message to say…I’m back. Hopefully, returning to the sanctuary where I let my thoughts run completely free.

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